Eggman Win

Video and Pancake fueled birthday party!!

That's right, it's my birthday party tomorrow and I hope to see lots of you there. There will be video games and pancakes, what more could you ask for?

If you don't know where I live, ask and I shall provide simple directions.

BTW we're hosting from 19:30.
Eggman Win

Birthday Awesomeness!!

Come and help me celebrate my 25th by playing games and eating pancakes!!

It's being held on the 31st March. (the weekend after the NoDDSoc 24-hour roleplay evening.)

Consoles we'll have:

We'll be aiming to have these set up in two rooms to get as many people playing as possible.

If you have any other consoles or multi-player games you want to bring let us know and/or bring them along.

It'll be held at 18 Bransby St, Sheffield from 19:30 till late.

Hope to see you all there!!
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Shadow shock

Loss is a feeling I'd rather not feel.

I found out last night that a friend had passed away.

Felt like I was coping quite well last night, but this morining before I was due to start work, I felt like I was starting to choke back tears.

Was given the day off with the option of taking the rest of the week off, which I might take.

While we were never close, a friend is still a friend and I'd feel the same no matter how long it was since I last saw them.
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Fandom has eaten me

Doctor Who meme

Your job is now your Time Lord name. The last digit of your phone number is the current regeneration you are in. The nearest clothing item to your right is now the most notable item in your current wardrobe. The last person you texted is your current companion. Your favourite word is now your catchphrase.

I am The Handler. I'm in my 0th regeneration (I haven't died yet, woo). My most notable item in my wardrobe is a hoody. blazingskies is my companion and my catchphrase is 'Chaos!'
Sonic Best day ever

Auto Assembly 2011

Well that was....... Frickin' AMAZING!

Main bit of squee-tasticness that happened involved me at my first AA, getting through to the script reading with Gregg Berger and David Kaye. I end up sitting right next to David Kaye and had an awesome time. I get complimented on my voice for G1 Bludgeon and have asked David if he wants to come to mine and Becky's wedding in 2013 and he said to send him an invite.

Which I can do seeing as I have his email address. :D

(I got this after asking him to do a bit of voice work for an idea me, Becky, Spike and Nova had.)

Also the hotel was wonderful, we originally booked a single room with the added comment of 'could we make it a double'. We end up with a king sized bed which was awesome to sleep in.

Also on Saturday we found the best Chinese restaurant ever! The food was delicious and the service was amazing. They brought out desert which ended up being chocolate ice cream. As Becky couldn't have it I decided to have it instead. A short while later, they came back with a vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce for her.


Came back with lots of toys and signed items. Overall a fun time was had :D
Sonic Best day ever

Becky's Birthday Bash/Outdoor cooking experience - Update.

It appears on the BBC weather website, we shall be having sunny-ish weather. So the OCE(tm) is going ahead!

Please bring food, drinks, other condiments, breads, anything else you can think of to our on Saturday.

Also Doctor Who is still going ahead, remember be here by 6pm for Who, and after 7:30pm for the OCE(tm)

Thanks all

(any questions on how to get to our please let me or Becky know)